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here you can find accessories for gate operators and garage doors

  • Control board
    Control board

    here you can find control boards for sliding gate operators, swing gate operators , sliding gate operators, garage door operators and more. You can choose the control board with the features that suits you operator or with the feature that you need it to you operator.

  • Photocells

    here you can find our wide range of photocells that is need for all gate operators for security. We have wired photocells and wireless photocells.

  • Flashing lamps
    Flashing lamps

    here you can find the flashing lamp that suits you operator and according to the control board , with flashing card, without flashing card , with LED light or normal light or for garage door flashing lamp.

  • Racks for sliding gate
    Racks for sliding gate

    here you can find our wide range of racks for sliding gate operators. We do offer the steel rack, heavy duty steel rack, pvc rack and strengthen pvc rack

  • Safety edge
    Safety edge

    here you can find the safety edge that we offer with the their accessories. The safety edge is the masimum safety for you gate .

  • GSM recievers & WIFI
    GSM recievers & WIFI
    here you can find our range of GSM recievers. This solution gives the possiblity for the customer to open gate by his mobile buy calling the gate. This feature doesn't cost money for the customer because the reciver only see that who is calling and don't answer the call.
  • Control accessories
    Control accessories

    here you find more accessories for the gates and gate operators

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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